Thin Cell... the power source for wireless connected devices


ULTRALIFE’s leading edge primary (non-rechargeable) Thin Cell battery chemistry has emerged as an enabling technology, allowing IoT and other wearable device designers to realize the next generation of connected devices.

ULTRALIFE Thin Cell utilizes high energy Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li-MnO2) chemistry, efficiently packaged in a pouch cell format, allowing cells to be manufactured as thin as 1.1mm. This innovative technology allows devices to be made thinner & lighter, opening up new possibilities for embedded & wearable devices.

Working with Consultants, OEMs & ODMs

ULTRALIFE has extensive experience working with design consultants & OEMs during the concept & pre-production stages of a project, bringing a high level of technical & commercial support when project leaders need to progress quickly & confidently. Once designed & qualified we are organised globally to deliver production volumes of product to OEMs or authorised sub-contractors, shipping from our facilities in the US, Europe or China.


ULTRALIFE Thin Cell is ideal for use in both professional & consumer applications, wherever a non-rechargeable high energy, slim, reliable and safe battery is required.

  • Smart security cards
  • Asset tracking tags
  • Toll pass tags
  • Bank theft tracking systems
  • Electronic record tracking systems
  • Medical devices
  • Drug delivery systems
  • RFID

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